Reading program

Reading program includes a visit to your home twice a month to exchange books. On every visit, members receive 4-8 books based on their level. Once members receive their books, they will have access to computerized comprehension quiz. All quizzes are auto-corrected, and the students can find the answers immediately. Also the parents can review the assessment test results. We analyze the test results in the 17 genres and 6 group categories.

  • Practice critical reading
  • Form reading habits
  • Be able to read a variety of books at their reading levels
  • providing members with  summary and analysis their test result



Writing program

   Reading member can join writing program. This service includes writing assignment and revision/correction. On every visit, members receive various types of writing assignments and collect them on the next delivery.

  • Listen to writing assignment video lectures on Mr. Book’s Club website.
  • Write assignments following the format given.
  • Have assignments collected from home and delivered to the center office where they will be revised/ corrected and returned to students.
  • Practice various types of essays
Recommended Book List
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  2. By Organization
  3. By Award