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1 Mr. Book's Club is a reading program that delivers and exchanges books, two times per month and 24 times per year, to your house. It also offers an online quiz to test your understanding of what you read.


2. Paid members receive an account (ID and password), and are given consulting from counselors (managers).


3. You will be exchanging book bags twice a month on scheduled dates. The dates might vary depending on your region.


4. When you receive the books, read them and log in to your Mr. Books Club account.


5 After logging in, click on 'Reading Room' then 'Test'. Once you finish the test, the system will automatically correct it for you, and you will be able to check your results right away.


 6. The results will be analyzed into 6 groups, 17 genres. The analysis, represented through graphs, will show your weaknesses and strengths.


7 Members of the Reading Program can register to the writing program. Based on different levels, various types of essays, including book reports, are given as assignments. The assignments will be corrected, revised, and given advice on how to make it better. You will receive the results the next time you exchange your book bags.


8. Level Tests are provided to paid members. For further information, please feel free to contact your manager.( in 2015 )



Tel: 1-888-676-7323  e-mail:

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