1. What’s the difference from other book clubs?

If book clubs consider reading an area of study, Mr. Books Club operates with mottos such as "reading as a way of life" and "children who enjoy reading." Having to analyze, write up something, and take a test whenever one reads a book could have been a reason to keep a distance away from the books. Children would have done such a good job just by having fun "reading." Mr. Book’s Club’s thought is that we can have analytical perspectives, rich vocabulary, and logical thinking becomes our second nature while enjoying, experiencing, and wanting books without even realizing it.

2. What happens if one cannot finish reading the books?

If a member requests to skip a visit 24 hours in advance before the scheduled visit date by phone or through the internet, the books would not be exchanged.

3. Are they clean books?

After all books are returned to our library, their covers are all sanitized and then they are delivered out to our members’ households.

4. How many different types of books are available?

Refer to the Books page.

5. How is the reading level decided?
The 2nd grade and under: it is okay to read books according to their school grade levels, but it is important to select books from an appropriate level for each individuals because books that are either too easy or too difficult might reduce their interests in books by half.

•  3 or 5 finger rule: when there are 3 or more and 5 or more unknown words on a random page from a selected book, for an illustrated book and for a regular book, respectively, it is a difficult book for a child. Please select a lower level than that.

The 3rd grader and above: it is helpful to utilize the reading level marked on one’s own STAR test result in order to make a decision.

6. What are AR Books?

It is an abbreviation of Accelerated Readers. They categorize books available in the market into levels by target age groups and their volume. They include the recommended books by each schools and prize winners therefore they provide standards as to which books to recommend to children.

7. How is the damage or loss of a book handled?

When it is impossible to read a book due to a severe damage or it was lost, 80% of the purchase price of the book has to be compensated.

8. Why do we pay enrollment fee?

When a person enrolls and becomes a member, a management program will be set up for each individual member. Enrollment fee will be received to take care of the initial expenses incurred while creating and managing the member’s management folder for both on-line and off-line.

9. How do we enroll to become members?

There are two ways to sign up to become members.

When using a telephone

•  It is possible to sign up to become a member after a phone consultation by calling 1-888-676-7323 (READ) or 1-714-521-7323. If fax is available, an application for enrollment and the method of payment can be faxed over to 1-714-521-7313 upon completion of the form. Our consulting staff will do the data input ourselves so that you become a member.

When using the internet

•  After you sign up for free membership using enrollment for membership on the upper right corner on our home page, you can click Service Request.

10. How do we dis-enroll from the membership?

When dis-enrollment from the membership is desired, you may call 1-714-521-7328 and verify the membership status and then request dis-enrollment from the membership.

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