All the books provided by Mr. Book’s Club are selected among nationwide recommended lists such as states’ reading lists, award winning books, America librarian’s picks, and so on. Mr. Book’s Club provides members with packets consist of a variety of books based on proper levels, various genres, and enough quantities so that all members of our club can read lots of essential books for each grade level. Moreover, computerized post read quizzes are provided for all checked-out books to improve critical reading skills. They are all self corrected then show the result immediately. Vocabulary lists and tests based on College Board recommended readings are also provided to help them study vocabulary and learn how to use them in context.



ML0 (8 books/bag)

Students are preparing to read by him/herself. Audio files are provided and students will learn reading and pronunciation through listening and following along.



ML1 (8 books/bag)

Students begin to read by him/herself. Through reading practice, students acquire better language abilities, and through post-reading tests, they form better reading habits.


ML2 (8 books/bag)

Students can read adequately by him/herself. Through repeatedly reading picture books, students improve fluency of language, and through reading early-chapter books, students can easily transition from picture books to more text-heavy books.



ML3, ML4 (6 books/bag)

Students read actively and independently. Students read various types of books not limited by certain genres or forms in order to become top readers.




ML5, ML6, ML7 (5 books/bag)

Students think more critically while reading. As students' reading levels and speed increase, they become accustomed to higher level books and prepare for classic books.




CL1,CL2, CL3 (4 books/bag)

Students read preparing for entrance colleges. While reading College Board recommended books, students gain and learn a pool of knowledge and vocabulary.


Recommended Book List
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  3. By Award